Motive is a partnered brand with local marketing agency Haze Media Group, and the leading music production facility in Missouri, Unlabeled Music Services. Our goal is to enhance Kansas City through relentless innovation in the creative community. We lead by example and focus on three core tenants that make our brands successful:

The Customer Experience Defines the Brand

Efficiency & Organization Fosters Underdeveloped Markets

Develop Story First, Products Second.

We’re always excited to partner with local brands, agencies, and individuals looking to enhance their creative work. Please feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions.
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Additional Services

Content | Branding | Advertising

Motive is more than just a photography space; We offer a unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge in content creation, branding, and marketing. With an agency partner, we’re able to develop full-service solutions for brands and businesses. Take a look at some of our offerings below:

Video Production


Graphic + Motion Graphic



Brand Strategy

Brand Vision Consultation

Brand Identity + Naming

Brand Management

Brand Refresh


Text Message Marketing

Influencer Marketing & Activatons

PPC & Lead Generation

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