Body Boudoir By Motive

A curated rentable boudoir photo studio located in the West Bottoms, Kansas City.

A Backdrop For Intimate Portraits

Body is located on the 4th floor of the Hobbs Building in the historic West Bottoms. This studio boasts impeccable natural light, a beautiful hardwood floor, and an array of furniture, props, and tools. This space is perfect for maternity shoots, couples shoots, boudoir, and more!

The boudoir space is a 700sqft hardwood laminate natural light space located one floor below our main classic space. All 700sqft are accessible and customizable. Stationary design pieces are a faux grass wall and backdrop mounts. All other furniture and props can be moved and repositioned.

Body Boudoir comes equipped with blackout curtains and adjustable lights. All lights can be shut off in the space. this space does not come with lights or additional tools and is natural light only. During the winter months (October-February). You can expect the light beams to reach 3-4 feet into the space between the hours of 12 pm-4 pm. During the Spring & Summer (March-September). You can expect the light beams to reach 15-20 feet into the space between the hours of 2pm-7pm

We’ve included a beautiful emerald green couch, swinging chair, hedge wall, and additional bed with dark covers for more brooding photos. Body is a prefect entry-level space for new boudoir photographers to hone their skills. We offer marathons and mini-marathons via our booking system.

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