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A professional rentable photography studio in downtown Kansas City.

Kansas City's Leading Professional Photography Space

Motive classic is located on the 5th floor of the historic Hobbs Building in the historic west bottoms district near downtown Kansas City, Missouri. With 1500sqft of shooting space, exposed brick, and numerous pieces of furniture and equipment, the Classic space is the easy choice for serious photographers and professional productions. 

The classic space is our flagship photo space with 1500sqft original hardwood floor space located in a historic brick building in Kansas City’s West Bottoms district. Of the 1500sqft, roughly 1300sqft are accessible and customizable. The only stationary design piece is the main centerpiece lamp, the backdrop holders, and the overhead lighting truss.

The space comes equipped with blackout curtains and adjustable lights. All lights can be shut off in the space. During the winter months (October-February). You can expect the light beams to reach 12-15 feet into the space between the hours of 12 pm-4 pm. During the spring and summer months (March-September), the light beams retreat as the sun climbs higher in the sky, You can expect continuous light with beams that reach 5-7 feet into the space between the hours of 2 pm-6 pm.

When you book in the classic space, you can include professional lighting, reflectors, modifiers, and additional attachments with your booking. This makes it easy not to lug lots of gear to your shoots. We include high-end strobes by Westcott; continuous lighting by Aputure, and an array of softboxes, umbrellas, scrims, reflectors, and more.

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