Crossroads Studio By Motive

A rentable photo & video studio located in Downtown, Kansas City.

Kansas City Natural Light Photo Studio

The Crossroads creative rental space includes all-day natural light through our south and west-facing windows, incredible views of downtown, and all the tools, furniture, and equipment you need to be inspired.

Crossroads is located at the corner of 17th and Oak in downtown Kansas City. This photo studio boasts all-day natural light through 96″ nearly floor-to-ceiling windows. This is the perfect space for meetings, natural light portraits, interviews, and more.

This studio comes equipped with an Aputure 300D Continuous light, a large softbox, and a reflector. For strobe lighting, we include a Westcott FJ400 + FJ200 with the universal trigger. This allows photographers the flexibility they’ll need to shoot in all different lighting scenarios.

We’ve included a beautiful sierra orange leather couch, rattan chairs, and other accessories to create this boho-chic modern feel. Feel free to move the furniture around and get creative with the space. We encourage our guests and production crews to utilize our spaces to the full extent.

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