Kansas City Event Venue

Motive is a 2200 square foot photography rental space and media production facility located in the historic west bottoms district in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Our two photo spaces are located on the 4th and 5th floors of the building.

A Hidden Gem in the West Bottoms

Motive is a 1500sqft brick & original wood floor space that includes a beautiful two couch centerpiece, two full-size adjustable 10 x 12 backdrop areas, dressing room, small workspace, and industry-standard photography lighting equipment as well as a 700 square foot white wall & refinished laminate hardwood floor space perfect for coat-check, private lounge, catering, or bar service storage.



Parking options:
Parking Description:


Total Guests:
Seating & Tables:

Space Access

Equipment loading description:


Speaker System:
Motive comes equipped with a high wattage surround sound system that includes Bluetooth compatibility in our 1500 square foot space.
Ambient Noise Description:
Motive is located in a historic brick and wood building, so occasional creeks and outside noise will happen. We also are located near train tracks and experience about 1 train every 2-3 hours during the week.
Our upstairs space has original unfinished hardwood floors installed in the late 1900s. They creak when walked on. Our downstairs space has been refinished with subfloor and laminate hardwood so squeaks are minimal.
We’ve hosted many events for large advertising partners and agencies that have required live sound for interviews with high-profile clients. We have yet to receive a complaint. We’ve worked closely with their teams to ensure the utmost audio quality for their needs. AC can be turned on or off.


Lighting description:
In our upstairs 1500 sqft space, we have three large windows that face South. Those windows receive consistent natural light all day with the brightest time of day being around 11 AM to 4 PM and the brightest time of the year between October & March. Our downstairs 700 sqft space enjoys natural light all day from 4 very large west-facing windows. The brightest time of day is between 3-8 PM with direct sunlight filling the room. Each space’s light can be controlled with our 60% diffusion fabric curtains and full blackout curtains.


Additional Amenities:

Motive comes equipped with adjustable lighting (color & intensity), basic disposables (Napkins, Tissues, Paper Towels, etc.) a full-size refrigerator, mini-fridge, and wine cooler. We also provide a small dressing room, garment rack, and small makeup Station


Add Time To Your Event

Need to include additional time? You’re welcome to book additional time online at a flat rate of $75/HR.

Event Production

Step & Repeat + Photography Lights: 
Interested in having your guests pose for a photo on one of our backdrops, hedge wall, or flower wall? Let us handle your step & repeat photography and deliver you professional photos of your guests!


Have an art show, pop-up, or related event that you’d love to host at Motive? We’re happy to get you set up and accommodated! We can also include additional services in your package. Events do not include private or commercial video or photoshoots.

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