Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is your studio located?

Motive is located inside the Hobbs Building in the historic West Bottoms District near downtown Kansas City. Our large brick building has signature red steps at the entrance from 9th street.

How do I get into the studio?

Motive can be accessed by a buzzer code at the front of our building. We’ll provide that code for you when you book your rental. Once you input the code, our staff will buzz you in. We’ll provide additional instructions when you pay for your rental.

Can I bring another photographer?

Motive believes in advancing the creative community by establishing an expectation that our services have value and in order to provide that value we must be able to financially support ourselves, and our families. We do not allow multiple photographers to book a single session and then split the cost. to put it simply, we believe you should pay a fair rate for the ability to create 2X the output from a single rental.

To provide our customers the option to collaborate with other photographers, we’ve provided competitive rental options for 2 or more photographers.

What if I'm late/early to my rental booking?

For sessions of less than 4 hours, we ask that you arrive 5 minutes before your studio rental and stay no more than 5 minutes after your rental. For sessions of 4 hours or more, we provide complementary 15 minute time blocks on the front and back of your session for load-in/out.

What about cancellations/rescheduling?

At Motive, we believe that an accountable creative community is a thriving creative community. We do not offer refunds of any kind.  We offer rescheduling with no fee up to 7 days before your booking and a 50% rescheduling fee with less than 24 hours.

Can I book both studios simultaneously?

Yes! We offer dual studio booking for sessions over 4 hours. Those dual bookings also include the lighting for either space.

Do you have classes to learn studio lighting?

Yes! We offer individual classes for studio lighting, introductory photography, and advanced photography technique. We’ll have additional information soon.

What if I don't have a photographer but need a photo shoot?

Our on-site staff and photography team are available for booking whenever you need professional portrait, headshot, editorial, product, apparel, or food photography.

Can I book the space for non-photography related activities?

Motive offers event venue & space bookings as well. These bookings will require prior arrangement and pre-screening with our staff and are priced at a different rate than our usual hourly booking.

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