• This space is bookable for up to 4 guests, including the photographer, with additional guest fees for larger groups
  • No alcohol, illegal drugs, open flames, glitter, confetti, sprayed liquids, food, body oils, loud music, strobe lights, animals, or smoking in the building
  • Damage to seamless paper backdrops is charged at $5/foot
  • Additional time is charged in increments of 30 minutes at $25 per 30 minutes
  • Rentals may be scheduled back-to-back, please exit promptly at end time and no unaccompanied minors
  • Failure to lock up properly may result in a $200 fine and damages caused.


Hourly Studio Rental Booking & Reschedule/Cancellation Policy:


  • Cost: $40.00-100.00/HR
  • Hours: 1-12 hours
  • Available 8AM-10PM,7 Days a Week.
  • Includes access to all equipment and tools, studio backdrop paper rolls in different colors, and occasional on-site assistance (additional fee for personal lessons)
  • Book online, pay with debit/credit card, access building via buzz-in system and electronic lock system.
  • Terms: Credit card on file, no refunds, 7-day cancellation notice required, no walk-ins or tours without notification, additional fee for rescheduling less than 24 hours notice, no non-photography activities without approval, pre-approval required for groups over 15 people.


Additional Terms & Conditions: 


A credit card must be placed on file to book and full payment is required to book and schedule.


Cancellation, Reschedule & Refund Policy: Motive does not offer refunds of any kind for any of our services. This includes cancellations or late attempts to reschedule due to sickness(Client, Customer, or Exposure). If you cancel your session, you forfeit your full payment. If you need to reschedule your session, please do so at least 7 days prior to your scheduled booking. Requests to reschedule less than 7 days before your scheduled booking will incur a $50 fee that will automatically be charged to your payment form on your account. Requests to reschedule with less than 24 hours’ notice are not available. the total booking price and will be automatically charged. Please plan ahead with your clients & customers and be sure to arrive for your scheduled booking.


For bookings please arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled rental time. Customers will not gain access to the building or studios ahead of their scheduled time. We do offer additional load-in/out time available for purchase via our add-ons.


Motive will occasionally send you promotional offers via email, text, and mail. By booking, you opt-in.


Due to the nature of business, Motive intends on fostering a safe environment for all patrons and individuals who rent out space. Occasionally shoots will feature nudity or other forms of art that require a closed session. It is the responsibility of the customer to notify staff ahead of their session if they intend on having a closed session. If we do not hear from you, we are released from the liability of ensuring the space is not entered without prior approval.


All scheduling must be confirmed with Motive staff. No walk-ins or tours may be scheduled without notifying Motive.


Motive is located in a historic building with rough wood floors and other eccentricities. It is imperative that our clients take caution when traversing the building, wear proper footwear, and pay attention to their surroundings. Your failure to do so and the possible subsequent injury you may sustain inside our space is your sole responsibility. You agree to not hold motive liable for any injuries obtained inside the Hobbs Building or inside of our spaces. 


Motive Classic includes cameras in the space that record movement 24/7. This is for the safety of our space, equipment, and our customers. We include a single camera in our Body space that faces the door with no additional angles. Motive crossroads includes cameras in the space. Motive Suite201 includes a single camera in the space facing the door with no additional angles. These camera record audio & video  24/7. If you’re interested in having a closed shoot, we recommend booking our Body space or Suite201.


Customers may not schedule non-photography-related activities with their studio booking without Motive approval. This includes meetups, parties, business meetings, after-hours events, or showing the space.


Motive occasionally uses video/photos that our staff creates during sessions to promote our brand via our physical and digital platforms. You consent to us creating this content by booking our space. 


On-site assistance will be intermittently in and out of our studio spaces throughout your session unless you reach out ahead of time to notify us of a closed session. If you need additional help setting up lights or working equipment, we’re happy to schedule a personal session ahead of your time for a lesson fee.