1427 W. 9TH St. Suite 505, Kansas City, Missouri, 64101

Motive memberships are weekly recurring 4-hour-per-week memberships. You can cancel at any time. All purchases are final regardless of used studio time.If there are remaining studio hours, they are void at the end of each month and do not roll over. This membership is 100% non-refundable. All hours should be used regardless of scheduling conflicts or last-minute interruptions.


Membership Options:

Motive Body (4 Hour Membership Billed Weekly) $104/Week ($416.00/MO)

– 4 hours per week in our body space.

– Studio Props


Motive Classic (4 Hour Membership Billed Weekly) $125/Week ($500.00/MO)


– 4 hours per week in our classic space.

–  Studio Lighting (strobe & continuous + triggers) – Will be in the space upon arrival.

– Studio Props

– Two available studio backdrop rolls. Please choose options during booking.


Motive Complete (4 Hour Membership Billed Weekly) $166.29/Week ($665.16/MO)


– 4 hours per week split into 2, two-hour rentals in any of our photo spaces (Classic, Crossroads, Body, and Suite201)

– Studio Lighting (strobe & continuous + triggers) are available at Crossroads & Classic.

– Studio Props

– Two Available Studio Backdrop Paper Rolls in classic, 1 large roll in crossroads, and 1 small roll. Please choose options during booking.


Membership Recurring Charge & Cancellation Policy:


As a Motive member, you understand that your credit card will be automatically charged each month until canceled or terminated. If you wish to cancel your membership, you must cancel at least 7 days prior to the monthly anniversary date. Your selected membership will automatically be billed within 7 days to your credit or debit card on the monthly anniversary date for the agreed-upon membership plan. No notice of charge will be made. Membership is per one single person. Groups of two or more photographers on a single membership are prohibited. This program cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. No partial refunds for early cancellation. All scheduling must be confirmed with Motive staff. No walk-ins or tours may be scheduled without notifying Motive. Membership includes the use of the space for photography purposes only. Members may not schedule non-photography-related activities without Motive approval. This includes meetups, parties, business meetings, after-hours events, or showing the space.


Additional Details:


Bookings that include more than 5 people (including yourself) must be cleared with staff. This membership is intended for portrait photographers shooting individuals. Not large group sessions, apparel shoots, 20 minute head shot sessions, etc.


Motive reserves the right to reschedule your sessions with proper notice of at least 72 hours. Occasionally we have large productions that will require us to move around scheduled bookings. We have plenty of space and time to accommodate everyone.