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Stop paying for gear, backdrops, and tools


Motive provides a ton of gear and tools for your use! If you have questions, please feel free to reach out!


No Backdrop (Brick Wall or White Wall)
Superior Seamless Pumpkin Spice 107″
Superior Seamless Neutral Gray 107″
Savage Seamless Rustic Red 53″
Superior Seamless Beige 107″
Savage Seamless Orange 53″
Savage Seamless Deep Yellow 53″
Savage Seamless Primary Red 53″
1X Superior Seamless Arctic White 107″
1X Superior Seamless Primary Red 107″
1X Savage Seamless Pure Black 107″
1X Superior Seamless Forest Green 107″
1X Savage Seamless Leaf Green 107″
1X Superior Seamless Primary Blue 107″
1X Superior Seamless Marine Blue 107″


2X Black Metal Stool
2X Silver Chair
4X White Chair
Fall Leaves Assortment in Vase
3X Fake Fig Tree 6Ft
1X Burnt Orange Leather Sofa
2X Rattan Chair
1X Walnut Coffee Table
2X Olive Green Throw Pillow
1X Beige Throw Blanket
1X Cowskin Rug (Black)
Assorted Fake Plants
Pampas (tan) in 40inch Oriental Vase
Assorted Gold & White Vases
2X Gray Couch with Tan & Red Cushions
2X White Table 18 inch
2X Lavender Fake Plant in Pot
1X Emerald Green Sofa
1X Hanging Chair
1X Gothic Table Chair (black)
1X Primary Yellow Ottoman
1X Gray Bench
1X Rod Iron Bench
1X Queen Size Bed + 4 Pillows
3X Assorted Blankets & Throws
Reading Light 60inch
Gray Rustic Throw Rug 5×7
Chocolate Brown Rug 5×7
Fluffy Round Rug 48inch
Wine Glasses


2X Westcott FJ400 & 3X Westcott FJ200 (5)
2X Westcott FJ-X2 Universal Triggers


2X Aputure LS C120d 120D II
1X Aputure LS 300D Cobb
3X Bi-Color 480 LED Video Lights
5X 1500W 5500K Balanced Lights + Softboxes (20 X 28)
LED Ring Light Dimmable

Softboxes & Umbrellas

LAOFAS 47inch Deep Parabolic Softbox
2X Westcott 2×3 Softbox
Full Stop Diffusion Fabric for 7′ umbrella
Westcott 7ft. Parabolic Umbrellas Triple Pack
Westcott Beauty Dish Switch 24″
Westcott Rapid Box Octa – L Switch 48″

Modifiers & Reflectors

Aputure Fresnel 2X
43 Inch 5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector
12 x 12 Gel Filters Multi-Color (8X)
2X Westcott 5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector
Westcott 4631D Parabolic Front Diffusion

Tethering Tools

15-Feet USB 2.0 A Male to Micro 5pin Male
15-Feet Micro USB 3.0 Cable USB to USB Micro B Cable
15-Feet USB C to USB C Cable
2X Mobile TV Cart with Laptop Stand
2X 32 Inch LCD TV Monitor – Non Commercial


3X Heavy Duty Light Stand C-Stand
10 x 8 Portable Backdrop Stand
2X 107″ Backdrop Stations
4X Westcott 10′ Light Stands


Sekonic L-308X-U Flashmate Light Meter
White Blackout Curtains
65% Diffusion White Curtains
6X Heavy Duty Muslin Clamps
Selfie Stick Tripod
FJ-XR Wireless Receiver
FJ-X2m Adapter for Sony Cameras
FJ-X2 Wireless Trigger
Switch Insert (FJ400, Bowens, Godox)
Speedring for Bowens, Westcott, Calumet, Flashpoint, Godox Interfit Lights
Vanguard Alta Pro 263A Heavy Duty Tripod

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