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Motive Community Benefits

Apply for small business discounts or to become a Motive resident.

A Motive MAKER is an individual in the field of photography or visual arts who meets specific criteria. They are typically small business owners with at least two years of experience, operating as sole proprietors with an established corporate entity in either Kansas or Missouri. This individual is committed to pursuing a career as a full-time creative and seeks avenues to enhance their business operations, attract new customers, generate leads, and expand their client base.

Apply For Business Discounts

To apply for business discounts on hourly and daily rentals through the Motive MAKER program, Kansas City creatives will need to follow a straightforward process:

  1. Submit Business Information: Provide details about your business, including its name, address, years of operation, and any relevant corporate entity information. This might include your business registration number, tax ID, or similar identifiers.
  2. Company Documentation: Include an up-to-date copy of your company information, such as your business license or registration documents. This ensures that your business is legitimate and operating within the specified region (Kansas or Missouri).
  3. Online Presence: Demonstrate that your business has a fully functioning website and an active presence on social media platforms. Your website should showcase your work, services offered, and contact information. Social media profiles should be regularly updated with engaging content relevant to your industry.
  4. Contact Information: Ensure that your business has a dedicated telephone number and email address, preferably with a domain matching your website. This adds professionalism and credibility to your business.
  5. Application Review: Once you’ve submitted all necessary information, the Motive MAKER program will review your application. This involves verifying the authenticity of your business, checking the provided documentation, and assessing your online presence.
  6. Acceptance and Benefits: If your application is accepted into the program, you’ll receive immediate access to discounted rates on studio time and rentals. These discounts are designed to support small business owners in the photography or visual arts industry, helping them maximize their resources and expand their creative endeavors.

Overall, the Motive MAKER program offers valuable opportunities for small business owners to access affordable studio space and equipment rentals, empowering them to further develop their craft and grow their businesses.

Join Motive as a Resident

Motive is excited to announce the opportunity for two Kansas City creatives photographers to join our community and utilize our space in three-month blocks. This exclusive program is designed to support talented individuals who are part of the Maker small business program and exhibit exceptional professionalism, quality of work, and consistent business practices.

If accepted into the program, residents will gain access to the Motive space in its entirety for three months. This includes access to our state-of-the-art studios, equipment, and amenities. The aim is to provide an immediate boost to your ability to serve your client base and elevate the overall experience you offer, thereby accelerating the growth of your business.

Throughout the residency, residents will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a creative environment, collaborate with fellow photographers, and leverage our resources to enhance their craft and expand their clientele. We believe that by fostering a supportive community and providing access to top-notch facilities, we can help resident photographers reach new heights in their careers.

At the conclusion of the three-month residency, Motive Residents will transition to the Maker program and continue to receive benefits. This includes discounted hourly rental rates for an additional six months, allowing residents to maintain access to our studios and equipment at an affordable rate as they continue to grow their businesses.

Thr Motive residency program offers a unique opportunity for talented photographers to thrive in a dynamic and supportive environment, while also providing access to resources that can help propel their businesses forward.