1427 W. 9TH St. Suite 505, Kansas City, Missouri, 64101

Studio Two

A large professional portrait space with comfortable atmosphere that includes 14 different backdrop colors available a la carte
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The Perfect Backdrop For Professional Portraits & Productions

Studio Two is located on the first floor of Motive Studios in the East Crossroads district in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. With 1682sqft of shooting space, Studio Two is fully ready to handle professional productions, portrait sessions, events, and more.  

Studio Two is accessed via the front entrance off of McGee street via lockbox. The studio comes equipped with your selection of backdrops, professional lighting and accessories, a kitchenette, private changing area, equipment load-in area, and an array of props & furniture.

The space comes equipped with beautiful sheer curtains that ensure privacy all year round. When drawn, the curtains + the tint on the large front windows make the space private. Perfect for boudoir sessions or more intimate portraits. All lights can be shut off in the space. The space is filled with ambient light all year round and included direct sunlight from 3PM to sun-down.

This space is also perfect for events, workshops, photo meetups, and more. Each booking comes with over 14 different backdrop colors so this is THE space for portrait shoot meetups.

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